Engine Notes: Dispute, Clarification, and Confirmation

Some engine notes clarifying a mistaken engine identification, addressing dispute about C. Aultman engines, and confirming a personal interest story.

| March 2005

A few miscellaneous engine notes:

The question of what Aultman Star engines were built has inspired more than a little discussion in these pages over the past year. We're not sure what the final record will show, but Thomas Stebritz of Algona, IA has a few more thoughts, after which we'll consider the subject closed until further documentation comes along.

Regular contributor Mike Rohrer of Smithsburg, MD noticed we had inadvertently bungled the identity of John Spalding's November/December 2004 mystery engine.  Fortunately, we have fellows like Mike to help sort things out for us.

 Finally, we have obtained confirmation of Doug Langenbach’s story about the late Joe Rynda and his 30 HP Huber.

Aultman Star Engines Dispute

I must write in and answer to Alan New's latest fantasy about the under-mounted Star pushing some kind of a header thresher. New takes us down many paths with no results at all and finally gives up and says he doesn't believe any of it.

Looking at the top-mounted cylinder and engine frame there is no doubt these are of C. Aultman design. The American Abell counterparts were clumsy and oversized, especially the cross-compound Cock 'O The North Line. New keeps asking himself questions about what he is looking at. What I see I have no trouble understanding.