| November/December 1971

2362 No. 85th Street, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53226

I usually attend eight or ten engine shows a year and I would like to mention a few faults or lack of planning I have observed.

For one thing, very little activity. Enough equipment is brought in but for the most part is used only in the parade. I for one would like to see the old 1910 to 1925 gas tractors and also the steam engines running and move around the ground a bit.

Too many engines of the same make and horsepower at the shows. I have seen as many as eight engines of the same make at one place. Duplication does not make the show attractive. Some shows have the same engines and machines year after year. A little variety from the previous year would help.

I have attended some shows that are not anywhere near ready on opening day. Trucking in engines and setting up tents the morning and afternoon of opening day is not what the spectator pays his admission for.

I have also seen twenty-five horsepower steam engines belted to late model twenty-four inch steel threshers. That certainly does not create a setting as it was done in the good old days.