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I usually attend eight or ten engine shows a year and I would
like to mention a few faults or lack of planning I have

For one thing, very little activity. Enough equipment is brought
in but for the most part is used only in the parade. I for one
would like to see the old 1910 to 1925 gas tractors and also the
steam engines running and move around the ground a bit.

Too many engines of the same make and horsepower at the shows. I
have seen as many as eight engines of the same make at one place.
Duplication does not make the show attractive. Some shows have the
same engines and machines year after year. A little variety from
the previous year would help.

I have attended some shows that are not anywhere near ready on
opening day. Trucking in engines and setting up tents the morning
and afternoon of opening day is not what the spectator pays his
admission for.

I have also seen twenty-five horsepower steam engines belted to
late model twenty-four inch steel threshers. That certainly does
not create a setting as it was done in the good old days.

Now here is one. Using one and the same engine on the thresher
for the duration of the show when any number of engines are
available is quite common. The same goes for the saw mill. This is
aggravating and I am sure hundreds of people will agree with

Something for the ladies and the youngsters to look at or to
participate in would be an asset to some shows.

It seems we have far too many shows. Merging some shows would
help. Some shows could be moved to earlier dates in June and early
July. A few clubs have shows in June and are quite successful.

Playing records and making loud and unnecessary announcements
over the public address system is something we can do without.

We go to the reunions to meet old friends and make new ones.
With the loud music and such, it is next to impossible to carry on
any conversation.

Most rest rooms could be improved. Also shelter and shade from
the sun and a place to sit down would be a welcome addition. Some
places use straw bales and planks and they serve quite well.

I did not have a chip on my shoulder when I wrote the above
article. Neither did I wish to step on any one’s toes. I had no
one in particular in mind when I wrote this. This is just a bit of
constructive criticism. I am sure that with a little effort some
shows could be greatly improved.

(This article is printed in the interest of all those planning
shows and wondering how to make them better. This is just one
man’s views, but he probably speaks for many. I don’t think
any of us would agree with each and every item mentioned, but I do
think it is worthwhile in the fact that perhaps you can work on the
points needed to better your show from the points you do not think
necessary. Please do not take offense. 1 feel Clarence is sincere
and means no ill will towards anyone as his last paragraph states.
Anna Mae)

  • Published on Nov 1, 1971
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