Engine Stamp Idea Backed by Readers

| March/April 1989

  • 1912-1913 issue
    1912-1913 issue.

  • 1912-1913 issue

The proposal of a steam traction engine stamp, which would be issued as a commemorative by the U.S. Postal Service, has drawn enthusiastic support from readers of this magazine.

Charles O. Harthy, of Grand Haven, MI, stated it very aptly in his letter:

'We have honored the chicken, almost every service organization, and animals; therefore, the machine that began the evolution of labor-saving for agriculture is an appropriate subject for a stamp.'

Harthy is a longtime collector of commemoratives. He offers to help the effort.

Iron-Men Album suggested that a stamp be sought, since many types of engines and machines have been shown on U.S. postage, and so little attention has been paid to the steam traction engine.

If you like the idea, tell your Congressman. Make a copy of this article and send it to him or her. Meanwhile we will forward the article with a cover letter to the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee in Washington. No decision can be expected in less than two years.