| November/December 1979

  • Steam engine

  • Steam engine

Reprinted from 'The Press Mentor,' published Illinois.

Submitted by Dale E. Robinson, Newton, Illinois 62448.

Dale Robinson (right) demonstrates the model steam engine he spent several years constructing. Cliff Shaffer and Clarence Chronic look on. Chronic, a retired engineer, helped design the engine.

As a registered engineer with the state of Illinois, Clarence Chronic helped design a number of steam engines and troubleshoot for several companies that manufactured them.

Clarence's love for steam engines helped draw him to his rightful 'calling' as an engineer when he was a boy of 12 as, even then, he daydreamed about building the steam-powered machines. As he approaches his 94th birthday in September, that love for steam engines and the era they represent is still present.

The knowledge stored in his head has resulted in the construction of yet another steam engine, more than 20 years after his retirement.