| November/December 1961

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Willard D. Howlett sends us a clipping from the Los Angeles Times, February 28, 1958. An interesting article about draft horses coming back in the Northwest woods.

The advent of tractors, diesels and other mechanized equipment pretty well pushed the draft horse to the verge of oblivion along with steam locomotives and commercial sailing vessels. But Old Dobbin is making a comeback again up in the northwest woods, side by side with the giant machines of the industrial forest age.

To be sure it may not be an impressive comeback but horse teams are being used more and more in getting logs out of the woods. There's a reason for this. Old Dobbin and his teammate can slip into thick stands of young trees and log out the thinning faster and more economically than the big machines can. Not only that but the use of draft horses reduces to a minimum the damage done to young trees in getting logs out.

Full employment for available horses is indicated. Logging companies are finding it difficult to secure enough teams.