| March/April 1972

Steinauer, Nebraska 68441.

For large collections of different makes of gas engines and old makes of tractors, be sure to attend the 1972 show at Eshelman's farm, east of Elliot, Iowa.

The 1971 Show was the best attended show on record, with three nice days for the show on July 30, 31 and August 1.

The activities were Steam Engine Threshing with two nicely restored Case engines and Case separators and old style bundle wagons pulled by well matched teams.

The Gas Engine Section was very large and there were no two models or sizes alike. Many were restored with original paint colors and operating like new.

The Antique Tractor Section included the famous 45 Titan that was resurrect-ed and restored by Mr. Eshelman. When he started to restore the 45 Titan, it was completely silted over, except a few inches of the top of the flywheels of the engine were above the ground. He dug it out and had it running at the 1971 show.