| September/October 1958

Yacolt, Washington

I WAS SURE Interested in the picture of that old J. C. Hoadley Portable engine in the January-February, 1958 issue of the ALBUM.

My, how that brings up memories of 1892, for it was with an old Hoadley in central Oregon that I had my first contact with a steam engine and the privilege of firing, starting and stopping one.

That was a great thrill for a boy not yet 12 years old. Here started an interest in machinery that still exists.

My father, a pioneer to Oregon in 1853, who had operated up and down saw mills as well as those more modern, traded a Ranch in Klickitat County, Washington, for a saw mill and timber near Lone Creek, Oregon.

After a week of travel (now day by truck) with wagon, buggy and buckboard we arrived at the mill site to begin repairs. The first of which was to remove the fallen mill shed.