| January/February 1975

Editor of the New Era newspaper of Lancaster, Pennsylvania for permission to reprint the following article and pictures.

In 1927, a massive 107-ton locomotive sped from Washington to New York in the record-breaking time of three hours and eight minutes, carrying with it a Pathe News film of Charles Lindbergh's return to the United States following his celebrated solo flight to Paris.

That Lindbergh engine will be featured in a collection of railroad paraphernalia to be on exhibit at the new Pennsylvania Railroad Museum at Strasburg.

The museum buildings, in their last throes of construction, include a rolling stock building, featuring four sets of tracks and an observational pit, and an entrance building, housing the offices, library, and rest rooms. The site is located along Route 741 opposite the Strasburg Railroad.

Flood Damage Construction was scheduled to be completed by December of this year but, according to construction officials, extensive flooding and water damage has pushed the deadline back a few months.

Subsurface -water was discovered while workmen were blasting shortly after construction began last September. That water and the residue from heavy Spring rains have combined to put the mechanical room and elevator shaft of the entrance building under several feet of water. Construction is being slowed until the exact source of the water has been located and the area is pumped dry.