| March/April 1966

426 Margaret St., Akron, Ohio

Please find in this letter, an important 'news item' and a few pictures.

The news item appeared last April in the 'Times of Kuala Lampur Malaysia. It deals with subjects well known to Iron-Men people.

One picture shows my Gaar-Scott, 22 hp engine. It was giving my new FAN, its first trial run. On 125 pounds of steam, it made a lot of nice music and considerable smoke. I like an engine one can fire from the ground, when doing belt work. Also, it is most helpful to have a tight draft control, such as is possible with the G. S. closed bottom boiler. The lack of those two features on my Case engine, will most likely shorten my life about 10 years. I have heard the saying, 'Work never hurt anyone'. Perhaps, this is true but it can slow you down.

The belt is double leather construction, 10 inches wide and about 150 feet long, end to end. It is plenty heavy. It is lucky that the belt is round like a wheel when rolled up. Otherwise, I would need some help to move it to the tool house. It is not the kind of belt one would pick, if there were others to be had at the same cost.

The FAN is the result of considerable study, as to what other people had made. It may not be the best looking fan, nor so well engineered. However, I rather like it. The bearings are from a Gaar-Scott sawmill. The mill was old and worn when I bought it in 1922. The pulley was broken. I spent evenings building a wood wheel over the old iron hub. The anchor hooks are from my 1926 Star Drilling Machine. The wheels and axle carried me over 100,000 miles in a 1940 Ford car. In addition to all that junk, there is about $100 worth of new iron in the frame and fan blades. Then, there is a sizable chunk of spare time, used in getting this material bundled up into a FAN. All these items add interest to the complete machineat least, they are of interest to me.