FARMER'S 'MYSTERY OF MYSTERIES' Steam Threshers Fascinate Visitors

| November/December 1970

  • Collection of steamers
    A LINK WITH FARMING'S PAST - Walter Mehmke with part of his collection of steamers on his farm near Great Falls, Montana. Some of the machines date back to 1878.

  • Collection of steamers

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Times Staff Writer

GREAT FALLS, Mont. Everybody keeps stopping in farmer Walter Mehmke's front yard to ask: 'What are those damn things?'

Lined up in front of Mehmke's farm house are 20 Rube Goldberg-like monsters steam plows and threshers used on the western plains up to 40 years ago.

Mehmke, whose 4,000 acres are 10 miles east of here, says: