Farm Collector


632 No. Mission Rd., Los Angeles 33, California

Find enclosed money order for two dollars ($2.00) in return for
which, please put me on the list for a copy of the Wood Bros.
historical and commemorative book.

THE IRON-MEN ALBUM is my favorite magazine and I want it kept
coming as long as I am able to feast upon and digest the material
contained in its sacred pages.

Would like to see the Model Page resumed and continued as
originally started; that is, giving bow and astern views along with
deck, port and starboard views and profiles. The tables of
dimensions should be included too, of course, along with the
available elevations and pictures. Photos and articles of models
and their makers are very interesting and are always good copy, and
should not be excluded. Naturally, the efforts and results of model
makers are always interesting, stimulating and inspiring.

With all the tremendous interest being revived and evidenced, as
shown by the attendance and participation in the various meets and
engine and thresher reunions, I would like to offer a suggestion
along with my expressions of likes and dislikes, and that is,
‘the inclusion and addition of a ‘Question and Answer
Department’ in the IRON-MEN ALBUM, the finest little magazine
in the world today.’

  • Published on Sep 1, 1954
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