| January/February 1954

  • Edgar Bergen
    Edgar Bergen on the job recording a TV Hobby Show at Chris Busch's Annual Old Steam Threshing Day near Colton, Wash., Sept. 20, 1953. Photo by F. Hal Higgins

  • Edgar Bergen


Out at President Busch's ranch, 3 miles from Colton, the next day, visiting Fiends and between 3,500 and 4,500 neighbors and steam equipment sightseers gathered. There were three  main attractions:

1.  The Chris Busch collection of some 29 old steam threshing and plowing engines, water tank wagon, cook wagon, threshers, etc.

2.  Working models brought in and demonstrated by their builders.

3.  The actual threshing of two stacks of grain by Case separator powered by the under mounted Avery engine.

As a special extra feature, there was Edgar Bergen and his cameraman making a program for his coming TV show. Watch for it, for Bergen did a real job in interviewing the model builders and catching their pets in action. Also, he interviewed several of the old steam thresher engineers present to catch their colorful recollections of the old days. Bergen also climbed aboard the big Avery, tooted the whistle and then pitched bundles from stack to Case separator as the threshing got under way.