First J.I. Case Heritage Exposition:

An Overwhelming Experience

| November/December 1987

204 East Melbourne Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

A Photo Report

For a writer, it's difficult to admit that any event is so large and successful that it defies description. I am a writer, and I am telling you there is simply not space enough anywhere to describe adequately the a heritage 'happening' on May 1-3, 1987 at Pawnee, Oklahoma.

The event was the first International J. I. Case Heritage Exposition; and, even for people who are not loyal followers of the Case line, this was a magnificent occasion with beautiful weather, flags flying, dozens of steam traction engines on the move, scores of antique gas tractors lined up and in action, whistles blowing, machines at work, a great gathering of wonderful people from across the whole United States and Canada, a powwow of Old Case cars (all in running condition), beautiful models (scale models of engines and machines, not pin-ups!) and much, much more.

A sage once said 'a picture is worth on thousand words.' On that premise, this writer will do little writing in this report and will let photos of the 1987 Case Heritage Exposition do most of the story-telling.

Giving credit where credit is most certainly due, much praise for the Expo's success must go to members of the Oklahoma Steam and Gas Threshers' Association, which hosted the event in cooperation with the recently established International J. I. Case Heritage Foundation. Success also was dependent upon the hard work of a broad-based group of people knitted together last fall at the Western Minnesota Threshers' Reunion in Rollag and called the International J. I. Case Heritage Steering Committee. Steer, they did, and very well!