book review

| May/June 1977

  • Discovering Traction Engines books

  • Discovering Traction Engines books

The old saying that good things come in small packages still holds true.

We have been reading five booklets from Shires Publication Ltd., a British publishing firm.

Two were written by Harold Bonnett, one of which is entitled 'Farming With Steam' and the other 'Discovering Traction Engines.'

Two are the work of John Vince. These deal with 'Vintage Farm Machines', and 'Old Farm Tools.'

The fifth booklet is by T. E. Crowley and is called 'Beam Engines.'

'Discovering Traction Engines' tells of the origin of the engine, its historical background, and the challenges of preservation. There are chapters on the general purpose engine, the steam roller, the showman's engine, and the steam plow engine. It also discusses the light steam tractor and the road locomotive.