Flying in the Piper Cub

Collected letters ranging from free breakfast to the "all-fired itch"

| March/April 1956

Had to pop off, so will write a line or two. Flying in the Piper Cub is Bessie, Rita (our little dog), and me. The picture was taken during our annual Free Fly-In Breakfast. This was the fourth annual Fly-In, when over 250 people that fly in are served breakfast. We had a large crowd this year.

In addition to our regular program we had three dandy steam traction engines in operation. You can see these engines to the right, in the tilled field. The large one is our 20-75 double Nichols & Shepard of which I am very proud. Another swell engine, without canopy is a nice clean 6 h. p. Russell brought in by Lyman Knapp of Blackwell, Oklahoma. The third with canopy is a Rumely brought here by Pete Rose of Garber, Oklahoma. It was nice of these men to bring their engines for a little show. You can also see the Baker fan, that we tried out the engine belt power with. This was not a Steam Engine Reunion but it certainly was an added attraction and we loved it.

We get the IRON-MEN ALBUM, also Engineers and Engines magazine. I can hardly wait till they arrive. I read them, every word in them.

My brother and I are very proud of the Nichols & Shepard line of engines. He just purchased a 16-50 single, which he will get very soon. By the way, we have a 12 h.p. Advance boiler for which we would like to buy an engine, also we have a 16-50 N&S boiler we could use an engine for. If we can't get engines that belong on them, we would be interested in some other single cylinder engines to go on these boilers and just make good portable engines. If you have or know of something to offer we would certainly like to hear from you. They were both junked years ago and only saved the boilers. The 16-50 N&S was our last steam engine in about 1920, not knowing that some day we would again want it.

I remember the 35 h. p. double N & S our father purchased new in about 1914. It was such a nice big engine but we discovered that it had been completely junked years ago. Hope we can find one somewhere again.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. I remain a loyal Steam Friend.