| January/February 1958

  • Old steamer Engine
    The J. C. Hoadley Company engine, of Lawrence, Mass., given by M. Glass, 8018 Quartz Avenue, Canoga Park, California, who gives a brief description of it elsewhere.

  • Old steamer Engine

8018 Quartz Avenue, Canoga Park, California

Enclosed is a photo that I thought you might be interested in. I found this old steamer in Carson City, Nevada, and is now the property of Roy Boswell, same city, who is accumulating a Railroad Museum.

I don't know much about the 'old critter' but here goes for all I, know about her. It was the property of the Virginia and Truckee Railway of Nevada; and used by them for sawing wood (or possibly lumber or some kinda' saw work anyway).

It is a very peculiar old girl, as to her design. There is no apparent steam dome, unless it is incorporated in the steam chest of the engine cylinder (maybe it is). The safety valve sticks up out of the top of the engine cylinder like a sore thumb. The top of the boiler directly under the crankshaft is dented or dimpled down to clear the crank throw. Looks like the engine was made without enough thought or designing beforehand (or possibly somebody goofed??).

The engine is of the center throw type with governor incorporated in the flywheel.

Some of the parts are missing and more damaged, so don't think she will ever be steamed again, or at least not for a long time anyway.