Farm Collector


R. D. 1, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

Enclosed find $4.00 for two years subscription to your fine
magazine. Mr. Fleming showed me a copy and I want to become a
regular reader of it.

I do not have a traction engine but have three stationary
engines and a 1′ scale locomotive. One is a scale model of a
Warren Oil field engine. This engine is 65 years old and a fine
piece of work. The other engine is a 4×6 Troy vertical like new.
Number 3 was a two cylinder Hoist engine 6×6. Mr. Flemming and I
have succeeded in making two horizontals out of it. The loco, I am
sorry to say, is still mostly rough castings.

Hope to see you at some steam meet this year.

  • Published on Nov 1, 1956
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