| March/April 1953

The Frick Company of Waynesboro, Pa., is celebrating their Century of Engineering Service in 1953. They have a History of the Company put up in an exceptionally fine little book. It is just one of the finest pieces of art and accurate information that we have ever seen. It is the size of the ALBUM with 46 pages and cover. Just chuck full of pictures. Every one of you will want to have it in our possession.

These Anniversary Books have been going so fast that we have stocked up the second time. We just know you will be sorry if , You  miss out on this wonderful t. pictorial book so we are doing all we can to help you. They are going fast and the Frick Company are not certain that they will print another edition.

It is available to the public at $1.00 per copy postpaid. Send orders to -IRON-MEN ALBUM, PORT ROYAL, PA.