Farm Collector


Swindon, Wilts, England

Thanks very much indeed for your kind letter and attention paid
to my small order. Thanks to your promptness your book
‘American Horse Drawn Vehicles’ was actually in my hands
the night before Christmas. Again many thanks and I trust you have
received notification of my money order. My mouth waters at the
sight of those fine books, etc., which you good folks have for
sale, but unfortunately here in Britain we have to get permission
to send even the smallest sum out to you. Ask Mr. Pratt, he’ll
tell you.

I hope to send another batch of photographs shortly as I have
repainted some of my models and will snap them all. I have also
received the Case picture and it certainly is swell. This weekend I
am going to make a nice oak frame for it.

Thanks to the IRON-MEN ALBUM my collection has been enhanced by
such fine books as ‘American Horse Drawn Vehicles’, the
Frick Centennial, and now the Case colored picture. This picture
has been much admired by those who have seen it and ‘Where did
I get it?’ etc. The book Horse Drawn Vehicles is especially
interesting to me because I started life as a carriage builder,
hence I appreciate the finer points of design illustrated.

Again, all the very best and many, many thanks.

  • Published on Nov 1, 1954
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