| September/October 1957

Box 582, Mount Hope, West Virginia

Several issues past, reference was made to the various purposes to which traction engines have been put. Am enclosing a picture made in 1902 near Glen Jean, Fayette County, West Virginia. It is a ten horse power Peerless traction engine, originally used for threshing in Monroe County, and afterwards rebuilt for use on a tram road by S. O. Meredity. In the picture it is shown hauling a load of fifteen oak logs, 3,500 board feet, in the Garden Ground section. The engineer, the late J. W. Erskine, is shown just to the right of the two boys. The original picture was loaned the writer by his daughter, Mrs. Bascome Coleman.

Why don't we hear from more past owners of Peerless engines? There were thousands of these engines built. Were they good ones? And who used them? I have a Peerless 'S' engine, No. 17G75, with 8'x10' cylinder. Am enclosing a picture, but have since rebuilt and placed thereon the canopy.

I certainly enjoy our magazine and would not be without it.