| January/February 1953

Mr. Bob Ehret of Stop 30, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico Rico, attended the National Threshers Reunion at Alvord ton, Ohio, in 1952. We were all pleased to have him but not nearly all who would have liked to get acquainted with him. There just did not seem to be enough time. Here is an interesting letter from him to the editor which we thought you all would enjoy.

Dear Rev. Ritzman,

Let me start out by saying that I'm very sorry that I didn't meet you personally at the Alvord ton Reunion this year. You, through your magazine, must be bringing untold happiness to many persons and I am one.

After leaving the Alvord ton Reunion my wife and I went out home near Goshen, Ind., and quite a number of persons saw the magazine and were surprised that such a magazine was being published.

(Mr. Ehret then states he is sending check for the men here listed as he is sending them the ALBUM for one year. Ed.)

This might get tiresome to you, however, I'll give you a little history on why these are going out. The first Rev. on the list would hold revival meetings around our place in Indiana and he told me he always wanted a steam engine and finally at the age of about 30 or more someone got him one. I was only about 10 years old when this was told in our house and at that time I wanted a steam engine (a little weeden) very badly. He advised against it right then because he thought I was a little too small. I still thought I was getting a steam engine for Christmas, and you can appreciate my disappointment when my mother gave me a nice automatic pencil instead. I still have the pencil however, I still remember my disappointment each time I see it.