Gabel's Threshing Bee

| July/August 1975

RFD 1, Box 193, Sharon Road, Bridgeport, Ohio 43912

Our 1974 Threshing Bee turned out to be our biggest show in seven years. What a day it was! The Good Lord answered our prayers and we had a most beautiful day. The sun shone bright and people ran around and sat around outside without their coats. Our covered dish dinner was enjoyed by all. They even sat outside to eat. I heard several say they got a little more sunburn. I know I did.

Our crowd came from six different states this year. Two families from Florida, at least two families from Michigan, a family from Dayton, Washington. Of course people came from all over Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. We were so happy to have such a nice crowd.

Clarence and Minerva Huffman ground whole wheat flour, corn meal and buckwheat flour in their grist mill. They sold out and had to go home and get more buckwheat and wheat. They were completely sold out before the show was over. They came back Sunday afternoon and ground more to fill their orders. People out riding came in to look around on Sunday and bought whole wheat flour and corn meal while here.

One man from Pennsylvania said we really have something nice going here and to keep up our good work.

Our 1975 Threshing Bee will be for two days, Saturday and Sunday October 4th and 5th. Our covered dish dinner has gotten beyond us and we will not have it this year. Food stands will be on the grounds both days. Admission will be free as usual. Bring your folding chairs, so you can sit anywhere and see what is going on.