| March/April 1981

  • Steam engine

  • Steam engine

3651 U.S. Rt. 322, Box 133, Williams field, Ohio 44093

Pictured is a little steam engine I bought four or five years ago and had done nothing with until last winter.

I am not a steam engine buff, but lean rather heavily toward gasoline one lungers. I have 15 ranging in size from 1 to 18 horsepower.

I have a neighbor and very good friend, Fred Hart, who knew I had this little steam engine. He is 95 years old and is a steam engine nut. He has worked steam engines since he was 19 years old. He had run the old traction engines on threshing rigs, saw mills, had a stationary boiler and engine in his own saw mill and had fired boilers in the steel industry.

Fred knew I had this little engine and called me one evening last winter. He said 'Don, we should get that little steam engine going. I would love to run it at the engine show in June over in Pennsylvania.' So I said I would get it out, clean and paint it and we could hook it up to an air tank. He said, 'No! No! you will have to build a boiler for it.' When I said I didn't know anything about building a boiler he said 'I do.' So we got together and he told me what I needed. I rounded up the materials and made the boiler using the bottom of a cast iron domestic coal fired water heater for grates and ash pit made the fire box. I used a piece of 8' pipe for the boiler putting in 1 flues.

On May 15, 1980 Fred came up to my shop. Another engine nut and neighbor, Don Bryan, came and we carried the engine and boiler outside and fired it up.