| November/December 1968

Due to the heavy mail I'm sure this column won't be very long for this issue. Reunion time means work for everyone involved and we aren't on the short end-Glad to see all the new subscriptions and renewals coming in but we can't burn midnight oil too many times. If I haven't answered any questions you might have written in, try again, I don't mean to ignore them.

We just attended the Williams Grove Steam Show and it was very nice. One lady said she had never seen anything like it and next year she was going to see to it that another grandson in New York would get here to take in the attraction. Another one of her grandson's had brought her and she was so amazed at it all. I drug my husband to Stewartstown and Williams Grove and after getting there he had a very good time watching the steam engines as they reminded him of his early life in Germany. Both reunions were very nice.

Beside the magazine work I have been sewing for my two daughters to go back to school. Luckily the third one is a son and I can buy all of his clothes. The girls think because I made them a dress for the first day when they were small it is still a must for Junior High School.

Before I forget, must remind you to check our 'Christmas Gift List'. There just may be a book that would please some one on your list or even a subscription to one of our magazines.

Best wishes and Season's Greetings to all you dear hearts and gentle people.