Going To Grandma & Grandpa's Place

| July/August 1988

Submitted by: Robert L. Adams, RM 1210 Greenway Jackson, MO 63755

I will try to write a few lines about our times at Grandma and Grandpa's place.

My two sisters, Mother, Father, and I lived in Delta, Missouri, only a few miles from my mother's parents' place on a farm north of Oran, Missouri, on Highway Seventy-Seven near the Frisco Railroad overpass.

My parents visited my mother's parents often in Oran, and at a very young age, I became very interested in their place.

My mother's parents were very nice to me, and I started spending a small amount of time at their home in the summer months.

Their farm had a considerable amount of land for a farm at that time and had lots of rolling hills and valleys and best of all, livestock, watering ponds, which had small fish in them.