| July/August 1970

  • Martin M. Rowenauer

  • Martin M. Rowenauer

William Zimmerman, 79, of Garrison North Dakota died December 3, 1969 in a local hospital. He had a Minneapolis threshing rig that was bought in 1915 and used then set for many years and put in working order about 1961. From then on it was at many Shows. After Bill's long illness as a diabetic and the loss of his legs he still attended the Makoti show each year to see his engine run again.

A face with a warm friendly smile will be absent this year, for the first time, from numerous reunions here in the MidWest.

Martin M. Rowenauer, 73, died April 17, 1970 at his country estate, located in the rolling hill country of East Central Missouri on the fringe of the Ozarks, the land of his youth and the country he loved so well.

Martin as he was known to many, grew to manhood in the leisurely Ozark Hill Country and throughout his life a quiet, calm and contented atmosphere, synonymous to the area was predominant in his nature. His love for the traction engine was ever present and he cherrished the swaying forth and back momentum and the sharp echo of the engine's exhaust.

During his working life, using his natural talents and skill he became a very fine machinist ever clinging to his fascination for the reciprocating steam engine.

In the years after traction engines passed into the hands of admiring, fascinated enthusiasts Martin greatly assisted many with their individual problems, giving generously of his skill.