| March/April 1997

ROLLAND BUSLAFF, West 233 North 671, Highway 164, Waukesha, Wisconsin 53186, died August 12, 1996.

Rolland was such an intelligent and knowledgeable man, steam engine buff, and one of the oldest to go to the 'Golden Whistles in the Sky'101 years of age and one of the best steam engineers in the era. The very best, that is. It was such a pleasure to have known Rolland and to converse with him, at the many steam engine clubs that he belonged to. He knew steam engines from 'A to Z' and had so very many friends in our steam group.

Rolland was a veteran of World War I. He was a blacksmith, salesman, invtentor, and a builder of silos and steam engines.

He was a husband to Mary, father to Joy, and grandfather to Mandy.

The following poem, a 156-year-old epitaph from an English churchyard, was printed in Rolland's memorial folder:

My engine now is cold and still,
No water does my boiler fill;
My coal affords its flame no more,
My days of usefulness are o'er;
My wheels deny their noted speed,
No more my guiding hand they need;
My whistle, too, has lost its tone,
Its shrill and thrilling sounds are gone;
My valves are now thrown open wide,
My flanges all refuse to guide;
My clacks also, though once so strong,
Refuse to aid the busy throng;
No more I feel each urging breath,
My steam is now condensed in death;
Life's railway o'er, each station passed
In death I'm stopped, and rest at last.