| May/June 1998

DONALD J. WITTENBURG of Middleton, Wisconsin passed away December 30, 1996.

Donald was born June 22, 1913 on a farm in southern Wisconsin, that was in the Wittenburg family for more than a century. Donald's father owned a 1916 Avery tractor and a 20 HP Fuller-Johnson gas engine which Donald worked with as a young man.

Donald graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1935 with a degree in diesel engineering, but continued to work on the family farm until 1958. From 1958 until his retirement in 1976, he worked as a supervisor for Public Works in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Donald married his wife, Loretta, in 1939 and had one son, D. Rick Wittenburg.

Donald had been a member of the Rock River Thresheree of Janesville, Wisconsin since their first show. Over the years, he had exhibited his Case steam engine, numerous Rumely OilPulls and Avery gas tractors, along with his Fuller-Johnson gas engine that has been in the Wittenburg family since it was bought new.

Donald is sadly missed by his wife, Loretta; his son, Rick, and daughter-in-law, Pat; three granddaughters; six great-great grandchildren and all of his friends.