Golden Wedding Anniversary

| March/April 1962

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Menchhofer, 3520 West 12th St., Indianapolis, Ind., celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary Sunday, October 22, 1961.

The reception, held at the Rush County Conservation Club was given by their children, Mrs. Generose Noll, Mrs. Justine Boruff, and Gilbert, John H., and Charles Menchhofer.

Relatives and friends from near and far came to wish them well. Many useful gifts and beautiful cards were presented the couple.

Mr. Ray Jones, president of the Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana, Inc., presented Mr. Menchhofer with $50.00. Mr. Menchhofer has been the club secretary since 1954.

Mr. and Mrs. Menchhofer formerly lived at Batesville, Ind., where they were engaged in farming and also operated a Russel threshing rig for a number of years.

Thanks to one and all for spending the afternoon with the folks just for old time's sake.