| January/February 1977

722 East End Avenue, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602

Although Delaware is a small state, it is proud of its agricultural heritage. The Delaware State Fair is held annually at Harrington, the last week of July. The Fairground boasts of a large modern grandstand and race track, and a large midway.

The display of farm machinery is representative of most all the major lines, as well as many short lines, and would do credit to a state many times the size of Delaware.

An additional attraction in more recent years is the 'Delaware Antique Machinery Show' held in conjunction with the fair, the last two days, being Friday and Saturday.

Friday has long been 'Governor's Day' at the fair. When the Pennsylvania Railroad ran passenger trains, the Governor and his cabinet were provided with a special car to bring them from the capital at Dover to the fairground, where they received a 21 gun salute; but with the passing of the passenger trains, the Governor and party now arrive by auto caravan, with his bodyguard, which consists of Delaware State Police.

The antique show this year was the largest to date. Lloyd Pahlman's 7x9 Frick steamer was belted to Bryant Young's 28' Case thresher. Edwin F. Evans, who owns a fine 9% x 10 Frick and is a spark plug of this show, was present with his 6 HP Capital gasoline engine (made in Wrightsville, Pa.) and belted to the small handfed Ellis Keystone thresher. A stone buhr mill was grinding cornmeal, and a Hench & Drumgold shingle saw was busy sawing cedar shingles.