| November/December 1960

We have taken the following from the Harrisburg, Pa., Evening News of Aug. 2nd, 1960, without permission but we know you will enjoy it. --Elmer.

When Jacqueline Hart was a child, she claimed 'the most exciting thing in the world' was a steam engine her grandfather used on his Mechanicsburg R. D. 1 farm.

Today, the same girl, who has been Mrs. Paul Farner since 1946, still plays with the steam engine on the farm of her grandfather, Frank R. Bare.

She has developed her hobby until she not only is able to fire the boiler and operate the engine, but is equally adept at making all but the most major repairs to the iron horse.

Her daughter, Cathy, 8, is following her mother's footsteps as a steam engine buff. Her son, Michael, 11, has only a luke-warm interest.

Mrs. Farner lives along Trindle Road only a stone's throw from 'grandpa's' farm and its intriguing steam engine.