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Grandpa’s Aultman Taglor Steam Engine & Hag Press

1735 25 Ave. San Francisco, California 94122

My grandfather and father were custom threshers and used steam
power. Grandpa had a Greyhound steam engine and a 32 x 56 Oliver
Red River Special separator. According to Dad, Grandpa had other
brands, too, but the only outfit I remember was the Greyhound and
the Red River Special.

According to my father Elmer Fry, Grandpa Frank Fry acquired his
first threshing rig at a sheriff’s sale in 1898. Grandpa’s
career as a thresher ended in September, 1939, when he passed

The picture above, taken in 1918 in Crawford County, Ohio, is of
Grandpa’s Aultman Taylor steam engine and hay press.

My father, Elmer Fry, age 17 is second from the right and the
man fifth from the right is the owner, Grandpa Frank Fry. The rest
of the men I can’t identify.

  • Published on Sep 1, 1992
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