Green Straw Piles in Kansas

| July/August 1987

513 Ramona Ct. 2, Monterey,Kansas, California 93940 as told to him by his grandfather.

After reading the letters to the editor in the March-April IMA, Album, I would like to make a few remarks myself.

It seems some people think you have to be over the hill to know anything about steam. I should qualify as I am in the ninth inning. I was ninety-three my last birthday. I spent over thirty years on the dusty end of a big steam outfit and many more years harvesting with combines in Kansas.

In the last four years there have been some outstanding articles in both Iron Men Album and Engineers and Engines about the different makes of engines. I can't say that I agree with everything the boys say, but some of these men have to be very knowledgeable about steam to write such detailed articles. It makes me happy that some of you younger fellows have such outstanding knowledge.

What really prompted this article was a letter to the editor about green straw piles. I'll try and help this man as I don't believe he understands the principles of threshing or correct operation of a threshing machine.

Number one, the machine was designed for the straw to travel over the straw racks and not between the chaffer and sieve. Number two, he must have been completely over-threshing at the cylinder, chopping the straw up if it's falling through the racks and traveling over the shoe. Number three, if you have a machine correctly adjusted, you can not operate it running half empty.