Greenridge Steam and Gas Antique Show 1996

| September/October 1997

1745 Redwood Road Kirkman, Iowa 51447-7520

The 20th annual Greenridge Steam and Gas Antique Show was the best attended show yet, with over 2,500 people taking in the sights throughout the weekend. President Adrian Nelson felt it was the best participation of exhibitors and parade entrants ever. The excellent weather, of course, factored into the success, too!

The new shingle mill was a real drawing card, and the crowd enjoyed watching it make cedar shingles. These were then nailed to the roof of the mill by the club president, using nails which had been handmade in the blacksmith shop on the grounds. Steve Nelson, Marne, was in charge, along with helpers Bob Hansen of Atlantic and Jeff Allen of Omaha. The blacksmith shop was run by a 1920 Fairbanks-Morse 20 HP 2-cycle diesel engine owned by John and James Weighton, Audubon.

Don Ferry, Irwin, powered his home-built half-size sawmill with Howard Mickelson's homemade half-size steam engine. Howard also owns the 1915 Case steam engine which runs Don's 1902 Aultman and Taylor sawmill. On hand to help run both sawmills and steam engines were Clark Ahrenholtz, Harlan; Dick Wright and Max Miller, Villisca; Bob Nelson, Atlantic; and John Thumma, Laurens.

The 1916 65-Case steam engine owned by the Greenridge Club threshed oats in the east field with engineers Danny and Kris Mickelson, Harlan; guest engineers Marlowe Feldman, Albert City, and Randy Sawyer, Council Bluffs.

A first time attraction to the show was homemade baseball bats. Willard Oliver, Irwin, fashioned these using a lathe. Kim VanBibber, Harlan, did spray paint caricature drawings.'