Greenridge Steam and Gas Antique Show At Irwin, Iowa

| January/February 1991

RR1, Box 75, Kirkman .Iowa 51447

The 14th annual Greenridge Steam and Gas Antique Show was held September 15th and 16th, 1990, three and one-half miles southwest of Irwin, Iowa. It is now history. We were blessed with perfect weather-bright blue skies, warm temperatures, and just a light breeze.

A large crowd turned out for our show, with numerous campers coming for the weekend. Many exhibitors and parade entrants were on hand. Everyone seemed to be all set for a good time, and it spurred us on to provide the fun.

The 65 HP Case steam engine owned by the club led the parade each day with flags flying in front. Our son, Danny Mickelson, was the engineer. He has been working hard to learn to run this 'monster' and has been doing a fine job. With help from Dave Jensen, they threshed two loads of oats each day. This is always a big attraction.

Howard Mickelson with his grandchildren-left: Tabitha Ahrenholtz, Casie Jo, Dani Dee and Kristopher Mickelson. They love the Steam Show, too!

Howard Mickelson's 50 HP Case steam engine was belted up to a 52' 1902 Model Aultman-Taylor sawmill owned by Don Ferry. They sawed a lot of logs in the two day show. We also have wood planing and corn shelling with a 4-hole Sandwich Spring Sheller. A two-horse tread mill owned by Bob McLaren, powered by horse teams owned by Gaylord Heilesen and Arlo Petersen, shelled and ground corn.