Growing Old

| November/December 1975

Noel, Missouri 64854

'Growing Old' are two wonderful or marvelous words. They signify, express or allude to a very long life's span, or an abundance of time to accumulate and amass a vast storehouse of information or knowledge that is so valuable for a person in their reclining or retiring years.

'Growing Old' also are two bad, ugly or harsh words to hear, say or perceive. They are a reminder that a person is made up of two basic parts. Mentally, we are planners or designers. Physically, we are builders or workers. Mentally we are on the increase. Physically we are on the decrease. That gap between the two widens from day to day, month to month, and year to year.

Having passed four score and two years, I now appreciate, more than words can tell, the value or importance the several hobbies are to me now. Every person who has had the fore-thought to prepare himself with several hobbies during his younger years, is rich in his senior or latter years.

My typewriter, even though it is old and antiquated, is my bosom pal for writing articles for the Iron-Man Album and Engineers & Engine Magazines and the letters to my rocking chair pen pals in all parts of the world. Their replies and letters are most gratefully received. My other hobbies are equally important to me.

When I was in my fifties and sixties, in the prime of life, it was my ambition and desire to know what it would be like to be a centenarian. I am now in my eighties and have come to the conclusion whatever is predestined will be most beneficial for me.