Harrison JUMBO Owners

| March/April 1995

  • The New Jumbo
    The New Jumbo

  • The New Jumbo

R.R. 13, Box 209 Brazil, Indiana 47834.

Are you in need of parts for your Harrison Jumbo engine? I own a 17 HP Jumbo and need a few miscellaneous parts myself.

While visiting the fall show at Boonville, Indiana, this year I had a conversation with Joe Graziana about Jumbo parts and decided to write this article.

Joe and I discussed the possibility of casting parts and thought if everyone who is interested in Jumbo parts could get together we could combine our needs. This would allow us to better afford pattern and foundry costs which would give us Jumbo parts at the best possible price.

According to the response received we would like to have a meeting in a location central to the interested Jumbo owners and discuss what parts are needed.

Many Jumbo engines need smoke box doors, as the original doors were cast too thin to stand normal usage.