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The two steam outfits of Jesse Barber, Lavina, Iowa, 1915 At the left is a 20 hp. Northwest return flue and to the right behind the water tank is a 20 hp. double Frick
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Mr. Jesse Barber's Case 80hp. and Mr. Barber on it. His son and grand sonare on the30-60 OilPull in1946 at his home in Lavina, Iowa.

Lavina Iowa

This is my birthday 68 years old and I thought I would send you
my $2.00 for renewal to the ALBUM.

I am enclosing some pictures of my machines which you can keep
or do as you like with them. I have an-other picture of another
outfit at Kingfisher, Oklahoma, which shows an Indian crew. It is
6×8 and shows the complete rig and crew.

I started running steam engines in 1893, west of Champion,
Illinois, and have been in that line ever since. In all I have had
36 steam engines, the first one of my own being a Gaar Scott, 16
hp., which was manufactured about 1900. I have started my rig at
Kingfisher, Okla., on June 10th, finished there. I had three rigs
here at home, one at Estherville, and one at Turton, South Dakota,
which made a long run for one crew going from one rig to the next.
At present I have a 35×70 Minneapolis tractor mounted on a truck to
run the separator which is a 40′ Case and in good running
order. I also have a Joliet corn sheller mounted on a 4-ton Mack
truck and have a record of shelling 337 bushels of corn in 10
minutes and threshing 21 (1/2 bu. dumps) in
one minute in oats.

Wishing you the best for your magazine

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