Henry Straub Threshing Run


| March/April 1994

12109 Mennonite Church Road Tremont, Illinois 61568

Two years ago, I started a project through our local threshing club to record the history of the various threshing runs which once crisscrossed Tazewell County. Many are still well remembered in the area; some are only remembered by the name of the fellow who owned the engine, nothing more. Others are forgotten and lost forever.

But much precious information has been preserved. I strongly recommend that each club start a similar project. Appoint a club historian to organize material as it comes in. Time is not on our side! Let's save as much of this fascinating history as we can. Get busy and good luck!

The first of this series is a well-known thresherman who made the runs for over four decades, 'Heine' Straub.

Henry 'Heine' Straub was born in 1892, the son of a thresherman who made his living with a horsepower thresher. Heine was just 14 when he went to work for John Garlish as a water boy, and cut his teeth on various other odd jobs.

Later he went to work with Adam Forn off to Whiteside County wheat was much later there and Adam shipped his rig by train to take advantage of the work available.