| March/April 1954

Rothsay, Minnesota

Through Norman Nelson of Rollag, Minn., I learned about the ALBUM. I have been a reader for sometime and enjoy it very much.

I am sending you some pictures of an old steam threshing rig still in operation here in the Red River Valley. These pictures were taken on October 7, 1953. This threshing rig is owned by Carl and Joe Anderson of Christine, North Dakota.

They stack their grain and then in the late Fall they will choose some nice day and do their threshing. In the late Fall when plowing and other work is done, help is more plentiful.

Because I have threshed for 46 seasons I was interested in seeing this outfit at work. We drove out 30 miles on their Threshing Day. It was interesting and time well spent.

This is a Buffalo Pitts double 35hp. straw burner and has been out since the year 1905.