Hesper - Mabel Steam Engine Days

| July/August 1974

Minnesota 55104

The Fourteenth annual Hesper-Mabel Steam Engine Days Show was held September 8th and 9th, 1973.

Hesper-Mabel Steam Engine Days is really a gigantic community celebration that takes place when the cities of Mabel, Minnesota and Hesper, Iowa, together with their surrounding communities join together to stage this annual gala event.

Sponsors are the Mabel Business Association, the Hesper Improvement Club, the Farm Bureau, the Farmer's Union and area 4-H clubs.

Although Saturday, September 8th and Sunday, September 9th were designated as dates for the 1973 reunion, Friday afternoon featured steam engine activity.

The Midway opened with shows and rides at the Steam Engine grounds. Special reduced ride tickets were available, compliments of Mabel merchants. At 7:00 p.m.; there was the 4-H Queen Banquet at the St. Olaf Catholic church basement lounge.