| May/June 1982

New Ashford, Massachusetts 01237

They came from the New England states personalities who left a mark on early agriculture and country living. A quick and easy refresher for Engine land readers.

Andrus, Leonard, born Cornwall, Vermont, 1805. Founded Grand Detour Plow Works in Illinois in 1838, sold to Case 1919.

Adams, Alvin, born Andover, Vermont. Founded Adams Railway Express Company, leading to the American Express Company.

Babbitt, Isaac. 1792-1862, born Taunton, Massachusetts. Perfected the well-known Babbitt metal also noted for producing Brittania, copper, antimony pewter, tin and lead products.

Babbitt, Tabitha. A Shaker sister of the Harvard, Massachusetts, Shaker family, a Quaker sect. Invented the circular saw. Made available to public as group did not believe in patents.