History of Aultman & Taylor, Part V

Dr. Bixler's history of Aultman & Taylor continues by looking at more people who made the company famous

| July/August 2001

The fifth installment of the late Dr. Bixler's history of the Aultman & Taylor Company, edited by Dr. Robert T. Rhode, appears in this issue of the Album, which is serializing Dr. Bixler's book. A professor at Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio, Dr. Bixler worked hard and long to gather data and to write this detailed chronicle of the achievements and the eventual blunders of a once-great company. In this installment, Dr. Bixler continues his series of biographical sketches depicting the people who made Aultman & Taylor famous.

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Chapter 5 The Harter Family, Continued

George Dewalt Harter

George Dewalt Harter, the third son of Isaac and Amanda (Moore) Harter, was born on Christmas Day, ... 1843, in the city of Canton. He acquired his education in the Canton public schools and was graduated from high school at sixteen years of age with a record of high scholarship. Soon after graduation from high school he was employed as a teller in the Savings Bank of Canton.

... [The Civil War was raging, and, when eighteen years of age, Harter enlisted in the army, Company E, 115th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, on August 14, 1862. His promotion in the army came in rapid succession. On September 18,1862, he was made a sergeant of his company and, on December 15th of that year, became a first lieutenant. He proved to be an efficient, competent officer, and [he] experienced hard fighting. Lieutenant Harter was given a meager garrison in a block house near Nashville, Tennessee, back of which and under [his] protection was a large group of African Americans. His garrison was attacked by Hood's army, and two of his men were killed. He retired with his troops at night and became a part of the army of General Thomas. At the close of the war he returned to Canton and, with his brother Michael D., formed the banking firm of George D. Harter and Brother.

At the time of his death, he was President of the banking firm of Isaac Harter and Sons. He was conservative in his banking practices, considerate and liberal with his patrons. He was a successful banker and businessman. There were many men in Canton and Stark County who became successful largely because of the favors given them by Harter.

His estate was a large one for those times. Public and private charities benefited by his liberal gifts. ...