History of an Engine

| March/April 1954

  • The Batterman Machine Shop
    The Batterman Machine Shop at Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Double Frick Traction
    Double Frick Traction 7 x 10 See the Batterman article.

  • The Batterman Machine Shop
  • Double Frick Traction

D. W. Batterman, who with his two sons operates the Batterman Machine Shop at Harrisonburg, Virginia, purchased last spring the twin-cylinder Frick traction engine shown, and now has this in running condition.

The engine was built at Waynesboro, Pa., in 1922. It bears No. 23183, and has cylinders of size 7x10 inches.

When the engine was new it was purchased along with a Frick thresher and sawmill by M. L. Craum of Weyers Cave, Virginia, who used it for seven years. The engine was then sold to Jacob Wine of Mt. Sidney, Va., who used it about a year for sawmill work before selling it to W. C. Wine of the same place.

After another year of sawmill work the engine was sold to E. T. Garber and Sons, who were Frick dealers at Harrisonburg at that time. They sold they machine to William Alderman, of Briar Branck, who after about two years sold it to Whitney Sheffer of Monterey, Va. Mr. Sheffer used this engine steadily for driving his sawmill until some two and a half years ago, when he installed a power unit.

Mr. Batterman plans to have the engine put in A-1 condition and to add a new canopy or cab. The boiler and flues are in good shape.

Mr. Batterman has for years taken a keen interest in steam power, and operated a Stanley Steamer car as late as 1937. He has lately been busy installing steam drive in a modern car. His shop handles the complete line of Frick farm and sawmill machinery.