History of the FRICK COMPANY

| November/December 1998

Sent to us by Mike Rohrer,12025 Steven Avenue, Smithsburg, Maryland 21783-1553, the following is a paper read July 29, 1926, 8:00 p.m. by Ezra Frick, President and General Manager of Frick Company, at a meeting of the Waynesboro Chamber of Commerce, at the Anthony Wayne Hotel.

The history of Frick Company and its growth parallels or follows closely that of our town. When the first small plant was started in 1860, by Mr. George Frick the population of the town was small, 1345 inhabitants. As the Frick and other industries started later, increased in size and importance, the town kept pace.

In view of the prominent part played by the Frick plant in the industrial life and progress of Waynesboro, we believe a short historical account of this organization will be of interest.

During the winter of 1882-1883 a member of the staff of the Scientific American visited the new factory of Frick and Company, and in the March 17, 1883 issue of this publication there appeared a lengthy illustrated article very completely describing the Frick factory, it was just before this, during the year 1882, that Frick and Company built its first ammonia compressor and this article is very interesting now historically as it shows the scope of operation of the Company at the time it entered the refrigerating field. The following extracts are from this article.

'Nestled in picturesque loveliness, under the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains of southeastern Pennsylvania lies the beautiful and fertile Cumberland Valley, but not less renowned than the historical valley it self is the town of Waynesboro, Its busiest burg, as being the home of the Frick Industries.'

'In the year 1850, Mr. George Frick, the present general superintendent, a millwright by trade was engaged in his profession, having a small country shop near Waynesboro, and in the autumn of that year he built his first steam engine, a two-horsepower, from his own patterns and for his own use. (This small shop was located at Ringgold, Maryland, just over the Mason & Dixon line. George Frick was born November 7, 1826 and died December 23, 1892).'