Holyoke Centennial

| March/April 1975

In the fall of 1973, the city of Holyoke held its Bi-Centennial parade which turned out to be the largest one ever held in New England.

The town of Granby, which is a close neighbor of Holyoke wanted to show its appreciation by having a good turn out and they did.

Mike Syaban who is Granby Road Superintendent is very interested in steam and asked if I could let him use my upright boiler and 4X4 steam engine to power a corn sheller owned by a local fanner. They made a float out of it and it won the Grand Prize. He also asked if I could enter my steam roller in the parade. The Holyoke Transcript heard about it and gave us a very nice write-up.

Most people could not believe their eyes when they saw a steam roller moving under its own power down the streets of Holyoke-it went over very big.

I told the folks at the Holyoke Transcript that I would like to send the story and pictures to the Iron-Men Magazine. They thought that it was a very good idea and cooperated 100% by making the original pictures and articles so I could send them to you and wished me luck with the project.

I hope that some of this material will interest the readers because the folks in New England do not have the steam equipment that the folks in the middle west have, but what we lack in equipment is made up in enthusiasm.