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Many years ago when I started collecting my cars to house at
Dixie Gun Works I found that steam whistles were five and ten
dollars each. So, I bought them. About twenty years ago I decided
to make a steam calliope. Not having the money to buy an air
compressor with a high ‘cubic foot per inch’ output, I went
to town and bought a 2 HP air conditioner compressor for $75.00, a
50 gallon propane tank for $ 10.00 and had a plumber to put them
together along with the right pop-off valve that pops off at 35

For twenty years now our customers and visitors have blown these
whistles every day that sound just like a Mississippi River Mark
Twain steamboat. With 35 pounds of air they will almost burst your
eardrum and of course they are in order according to the frequency
of the sound of the ten steam whistles. To me, these are real

  • Published on May 1, 1994
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