| September/October 1976

8340 Weir Road, Hanover, Michigan 49241

In southern Michigan near Jonesville in Hillsdale county, there is a hill that very few people would remember its name of long ago. The hill was knows as Port Huron Hill. It was the home of Wilkes Houseknect and his three sons, George, Avery and William.

They used and sold Port Huron Equipment such as engines, separators, corn shellers, saw mills, etc.

Avery was sent to South America to sell and operate straw burning combines. Then to South Africa to sell road building equipment for Port Huron.

Through them, there was a lot of Port Huron outfits in this part of the country. To this very day, when I see a Port Huron engine or separator, I wonder if the Houseknects of Port Huron Hill sold it when it was new.

The father and sons have long gone to their final resting place. Only the hill is left, and very few know it as Port Huron Hill.