I Am Concerned!

| March/April 1971

Route 3,Sterling, Illinois 61081

I am concerned, I have seen no comments or letters on the hysteria on so called air pollution, nor: have seen any partitions circulated for the protection and preservation of our American way of life and heritage as concerns our steam shows. Looks as though they are on the way out and fast, especially in some states. Next comes the big law, then we will have both state and federal laws to contend with.

I believe that only a very few people will be able to afford the expense of converting their engines to an approved gas or oil fired system.

Unless something can be done to help our cause people will lose interest, museums will be filled to overflowing, very few will be able to see the old steamers in real operation. Possibly many will find their way to the junk pile.

Even now there are elements at work trying to stop some shows. For instance during a local show someone called the state division of boiler inspection and told them we were operating engines without inspection. This of course was not true as all engines were inspected and passed with all credentials displayed. So! that did not work. Wonder what they will try next?

This is not going to be so much fun when they start slapping injunctions on automobile racing and banning non-essential pleasure trips by automobile. No more bonfires. Trash, brush and other debris will have to be hauled to an approved community incinerator on which a fee will have to be paid. This is because an approved incinerator will be so expensive that the average citizen cannot afford to privately own one.